मंगलवार, 1 दिसंबर 2015

देवनागरी में समझ लो इस तथ्य को ,आपकी देश विरोधी जुबान यूं ही चलती रही तो बाप की तरह नज़र बंद पाओगे अपने आपको। आराम से रहो इस देश में। ज्यादा तीन पांच करने की ज़रूरत नहीं है भाईजान !

फारूख अब्दुला की क्या बात करते हो इनके अब्बाजान ने भी ताउम्र पाकिस्तान की हिमायत की काश्मीर को पाकिस्तान को प्लेट में सजाकर देने की योजना का खाका इनके दिलोदिमाग पर हमेशा ग़ालिब रहा। 

आनुवंशिक याददाश्त आदमी की बहुत दूर तलक  जाती है.भारतीय सेना के शौर्य से ये नावाकिफ हों ऐसा नहीं है ये अदबदाकर तौहीन करते हैं इस मुल्क की। बे -वफाई इनका खानदानी पेशा है। 

भारतीय सेना जब चाहे कथित आज़ाद काश्मीर (पाक द्वारा कब्जाए  )से आतंकी कैम्पों को नेस्तनाबूद कर सकती है। 

Pakistan is a little monkey on our back Mr Farookh Abdullaa .

देवनागरी में समझ लो इस तथ्य को ,आपकी देश विरोधी जुबान यूं ही चलती रही तो बाप की तरह नज़र बंद पाओगे अपने आपको। आराम से रहो इस देश में। ज्यादा तीन पांच करने की ज़रूरत  नहीं है भाईजान ! 



Sheikh Abdullah


We have been living through such strange times that Dynastic rules have gripped the Indian Republic, so to say, from the year of our Independence! On the one hand, the Nehru-Gandhi Dynasty has predominated the Delhi throne. In a similar way, the Abdullah-Dynasty has largely in occupation of the Srinagar throne!

Yesterday, the media reported the collapse of the 17 year old marriage of Omar Abdullah, the CM of J and K, with Payal, a Hindu. We don't know the facts but that seems sad. Omar's father is Dr.Farooq Abdullah and the latter's father was Sheikh Abdullah. The Abdullah Dynasty is notorious for cross-marriages as we shall see. That goes with another kind of Dynastic notoriety that relates to their questionable allegiance to the sense of Indian nationalism.

Sheikh Abdullah was born in 1905 in Soura, a village near Srinagar. His father Sheikh Ibrahim, a middle-class trader in shawls, died just eleven days before he was born. And Sheikh Ibrahim, the father, was the descendant of a Hindu convert named Ragho Ram Koul, a Kashmiri Pandit.  Despite poverty and hardships, Sheikh Abdullah not only finished his high schooling in Kashmir but went on to complete B.Sc. from Lahore, and then M.Sc. (Chemistry) from Aligarh Muslim University in 1930.

He entered the political arena and formed a party called "Muslim Conference" in 1931 to fight for the rights of Muslims in Kashmir which was ruled by the Hindu (Dogra) King Hari Singh. Sheikh was highly communal minded but under the advice of some friends, he included a few Hindus too in his party later on. Jawaharlal Nehru who loved Sheikh Abdullah like a brother and was most friendly with him, asked him to change its name to "National Conference". In 1939, the "Muslim Conference" changed its name to "National Conference" which still continues.

Sheikh married in 1933 a young lady called Akbar Jahan whose father was a European and mother was a Kashmiri (Muslim). Now you know the intermingling of the bloods in the Abdullah Dynasty which descended from a converted Hindu Kashmiri Pandit. Thanks to the intervention, help and blind support by Nehru, Sheikh Abdullah began to rule from Srinagar soon after the Kashmir accession to India and the Hindu King was totally sidelined. The Sheikh hated the King and was extremely communal in outlook and his loyalty to India was always questionable and yet his great friend Nehru turned a blind eye to the Sheikh despite warnings from Sardar Patel and others. Sheikh was indeed planning to join Pakistan, and only in 1953 Nehru woke up from his slumber and got convinced about his friend's evil nature and designs. As a result, Sheikh was dismissed from the post of PM of Kashmir and was jailed for 11 years (till 1964) in  the "Kashmir Conspiracy Case". Sheikh's loyalties were never trustworthy. He sometimes claimed he was a nationalist, but was often in favour of plebiscite and autonomy, and often even showed keenness and prepared the grounds to have Pakistan grab Kashmir!  He had mixed fortunes later, getting interned and later exiled but also becoming Chief Minister for many years. He died in 1982. Unlike him, the other Chief Ministers Bakshi Ghulam Mohammad and Sadiq were truly secular in their outlook.

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