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बच्चों से झूठ बोलना उन्हें कपटी और धूर्त बना सकता है

बच्चों से झूठ बोलना उन्हें कपटी और धूर्त बना सकता है। आगे चलके ऐसे बच्चे कपटपूर्ण व्यवहार करने

लगते हैं और साफ़ झूठ बोल जाते हैं आप के सामने सामने और आप ठगे से रह जाते हैं। एक अध्ययन ऐसे

माँ -

बाप को चेतावनी प्रसारित करता है। जिसका शक था वह सही साबित हुआ है। झूठ बोलना बच्चे की


को असरग्रस्त करता है। आगे चलके ऐसा बच्चा ठग भी बन सकता है।

यह कहना है लेज़ली कार्वर का। आप केलिफोर्निया विश्वविद्यालय ,सां डिएगो कैम्पस से सम्बद्ध हैं

कबीर दास न बहुत पहले ही कहा था -

कबीरा आप ठगाइये और न ठगिये कोय  ,

आप ठगे सुख उपजै ,और ठगे दुःख होय।

Lying to kids may make them liars – Study

Indeed, children do follow their parents’ footsteps. While a positive path and right learning is always acknowledged and admired, a wrong doing also gets the same following.
A new study has found that children learn the habit of cheating and lying from their parents.

According to the new findings, children who are lied-to by their parents are more likely to cheat and lie themselves.
“As far as we know, this is the first experiment confirming what we might have suspected: Lying by an adult affects a child’s honesty,” study’s lead researcher, Leslie Carver, associate professor at the University of California, San Diego Division of Social Sciences, noted.
The Experiment
For the purpose of the study, researchers at the University of California enrolled 186 children between ages 3 to 7.
Although all children were invited to a room to play a game, half were lied to by the experimenter saying that there is ‘a huge bowl of candy in the next room’.
In the room children were asked to identify character toys by their sounds.
While all sound and character toys were easy to pair, one sound was distorted and did not pair with any character toy.
At this point the experimenter was deliberately called out of the room for 30 seconds. Before leaving the room he explicitly instructed the children not to peek at the mysterious toy.
On returning, the experimenter asked the children if they peeked.
The responses were matched with the video clippings.

Children who were lied to initially were both more likely to cheat and then fib about having done so, researchers said.
Researchers feel that the children were simply imitating the behavior modeled by the adult. “Perhaps the children did not feel the need to uphold their commitment to tell the truth to someone who they perceived as a liar,” Carver said.
The findings of the study are reported in the journal Developmental Science.

Lying to kids may make them liars – Study Lying to kids may make them liars – Study

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    Lying to kids may make them liars – Study Lying to kids maymake ... children who are lied-to by their parents are more likely tocheat and lie ...

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